Cherneva Ledora Thomas is an author that has pushed past all obstacles to showcase her story of resilience and love. She was born in a small town that had very little to offer a young girl. Cherneva brought real hustle and drive. She accomplish what most couldn’t. ¬†With hustle, drive, and her unwavering love for her God and family, Cherneva fought and won many battles.

Over the years she has quieted many nay sayers and unbelievers by being the first in her family to open her own business, obtain her bachelor’s degree in business, and even meet the President of the United States.

The road to success was not easy. Despite losing those close to her heart and even loss of her marriage, she has smuggled through the fire and has risen as a Phoenix of her generation.

Cherneva’s talent comes to life in “The Weeds of Life.” Her story is not yet over but her tale so far is inspiring and incredible. She truly have a gift to love. She have seen her overcome many trials and never stop loving. She goes above and beyond to show her love. She’s very big on loyalty. She’s a mother, a friend and a wife. Most of all, she’s a prayer warrior.